Puppy Whelping Bands

A pack of 10 different colours. Tyvek bands are the most economical single use identification bands. They are recyclable and ethically manufactured to the highest quality standards. Tyvek bands look and feel like paper but unlike paper they are composed of fibres that are extremely tough, tear/stretch resistant and waterproof. These bands are ultra light and comfortable The band is easily attached with a very strong adhesive strip which is fully adjustable
The bands are the same as used by Theme parks and concerts as wristbands. The width of each band is ¾”
If you find them too wide cut them down the middle and you will have two of each colour.
Always trim the length from the non adhesive end.
Please check your puppies collar frequently
Tyvek does not stretch! You will need to change it for a longer band as your puppies grow.

Tyvek Bands 01




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